Thanksgiving 2017

Hello loyal Pie Lovers! 

Thank you for checking in about ordering for Thanksgiving. I have loved hearing from many old friends and longtime customers over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, we will not be taking orders this year. 

It is nostalgic to not be rolling out the dough and smelling the fresh apples and pumpkins for the first time in seven years. I have not found a replacement retail space for Pie Shop. The past year has been full of big changes personally, including getting married and starting a family! These days, I am making pies at home for them (and for my sanity). I have so much to be grateful for at Thanksgiving, especially the memories of baking pies for you in years past.  I hope you all will make a homemade pie in honor or the holiday of gratitude, and please save me a slice!

Thank you for staying in touch, and as always, thank you for loving pie. 

Mims Bledsoe Hill 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Orders are now closed. If you have a confirmed order, please pick up on Wednesday, November 23 at the location sent in your confirmation email. Have a wonderful holiday season!! Hap-Pie Thanksgiving and thank you for loving pie! 

Hap-Pie Thanksgiving!

We are taking a limited number of orders for Thanksgiving pies for Wednesday, November 23. Please email us at with your selection and preferred pickup time on Wednesday. 

  • Pumpkin, $23
  • Pecan, $28
  • Chocolate Chip Pecan, $28
  • Ganache, $28
  • Coconut Cream, $25
  • Lemon Chess, $23
  • Classic Apple, $28
  • Quart of Fresh Whipped Cream, $6

We are more limited in our capacity this year. We will close orders when sold out or at the end of the day on Monday, whichever comes first. Thank you for understanding and thank you for your order! 

We are grateful to be part of your Thanksgiving celebration. 


Fall 2016

Thank you each for staying in touch during Pie Shop's transition this summer. It means so much that you are checking in and anticipating the next move. I have heard from many of you who are wondering where the new location will open and how to get a taste of pie in the meantime. Your phone calls and emails mean the world to me, thank you. 

Unfortunately, I have not yet found the ideal new home for Pie Shop. It is important to me to reopen in Buckhead's west village, as that is where Pie Shop was born and that's where our longtime customers are. 

School is back in session, the summer has come to an end, and Fall is nearly upon us. In the world of pie, this is when we start getting visions of Fresh Roasted Pumpkin and Bourbon Pecan pies on the Thanksgiving table. 

After five autumns of baking pies we can't imagine a November without a little flour in our hair. So, I have secured temporary commissary commercial kitchen space. We will begin taking orders on a limited basis starting September 1. Because the space is contracted and the baking staff will not be full-time, we can only take orders with these limitations:

1. We deliver within Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Vinings, and Midtown. Delivery is complimentary.

2. Delivery is available on Saturday and Sunday between 10am-2pm.. We need to know by Wednesday of that week in order to stock ingredients. 

3. We can bake any whole pie you're accustomed to ordering from Pie Shop, as long as it's in season. 

4. Orders must meet a minimum of $65. 

As Thanksgiving draws near, we will begin taking orders for a capped number of pies. Please stay in touch to get word when Thanksgiving orders are open. 

Please email with your requests and we will do our best to accommodate them. 

Thank you for loving pie, 


5 Years - and a Move

Pie Shop celebrates its 5th birthday in Buckhead on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. 

Things have changed dramatically in the neighborhood since we moved into a basement space on the backside of an easy-to-miss building. Despite the hidden location, you all found us and have kept us here longer than I think anyone expected. Thank you. 

We have seen neighbors move in and out, fences built, buildings torn down, more going up, and news of all the renovation happening in West Village. What makes this neighborhood such an incredible place to do business is also its Achilles heel. We are surrounded by small businesses of all trades, from just a couple years old to many decades strong. It's a walkable neighborhood, with high-quality shops that don't feel forced. People have noticed. A lot is happening, and along with that comes the perhaps inevitable rent spikes.

For us, that means a move on the horizon. Pie Shop's fixed costs have doubled since we opened in June of 2011. That, coupled with the capital outlay of opening (and then closing) our Virginia-Highland store, have made it untenable to stay at 3210 Roswell Rd. Many of you have asked over the past year because you have seen our next door neighbors make the same decision. To your questions, we have said, "No - we are staying." I wish this were still possible. We held on for longer than we prudently should have because we are committed to the neighborhood. 

We are closing our location at 3210 Roswell Road by the end of this month. 

Pie Shop will reopen in West Village when the right space becomes available, with any luck it will be in time to bake you a Thanksgiving pie. 

Thank you for loving pie,