September 2019

Last month, subscribers to our mailing list received a survey gathering thoughts on whether Pie Shop should re-open. Over 300 responses came in! This blew me away. It means so much that so many people would take the time to give their feedback a full 3 years after Pie Shop closed.

The responses were extremely helpful. First, I found out that a lot more people are still craving pie than I would have guessed. I also learned that among you folks who would like to see us re-open, you want more parking, more visibility, and better seating than what Pie Shop had before.

When I sent the survey, I had my eye on a location that was very similar to the old one. Hearing back, it sounds like the location I was considering wouldn't be the best option. I am so glad to know this before making the next move.

This led me to reach out to potential partners and others sites, and I hope to make an announcement soon about what may be coming down the pie-peline.

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