5 Years - and a Move

Pie Shop celebrates its 5th birthday in Buckhead on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. 

Things have changed dramatically in the neighborhood since we moved into a basement space on the backside of an easy-to-miss building. Despite the hidden location, you all found us and have kept us here longer than I think anyone expected. Thank you. 

We have seen neighbors move in and out, fences built, buildings torn down, more going up, and news of all the renovation happening in West Village. What makes this neighborhood such an incredible place to do business is also its Achilles heel. We are surrounded by small businesses of all trades, from just a couple years old to many decades strong. It's a walkable neighborhood, with high-quality shops that don't feel forced. People have noticed. A lot is happening, and along with that comes the perhaps inevitable rent spikes.

For us, that means a move on the horizon. Pie Shop's fixed costs have doubled since we opened in June of 2011. That, coupled with the capital outlay of opening (and then closing) our Virginia-Highland store, have made it untenable to stay at 3210 Roswell Rd. Many of you have asked over the past year because you have seen our next door neighbors make the same decision. To your questions, we have said, "No - we are staying." I wish this were still possible. We held on for longer than we prudently should have because we are committed to the neighborhood. 

We are closing our location at 3210 Roswell Road by the end of this month. 

Pie Shop will reopen in West Village when the right space becomes available, with any luck it will be in time to bake you a Thanksgiving pie. 

Thank you for loving pie,